I'm Bianca Jessica

I’m a copywriter. I’m also a content marketer. And a geeky nerd. Oh, and I’m curious. It’s a fun and productive combination: I help companies talk with their customers.​

Based in Melbourne, I drink lots of coffee. OK, so the pandemic and work-from-home restricted my coffee drinking to what’s at home, but coffee does fuel my writing. I’ve been copywriting for more than 20 years with mostly tech and not-for-profit organisations in Australia, the United States, and a little in Canada. I lived in Seattle for nine years,–oh, more coffee–before returning to Melbourne in 2019. Now, I work with Oracle’s Construction and Engineering team writing customer-focused documentation and training materials for global audiences.

Occasionally, I freelance to keep my mind in other areas of writing and marketing and to do some good in the world.