Bianca Jessica


I write the words customers and users understand and respond to. 

I’m a freelance content marketing copywriter specialising in tech, not-for-profits, financial services, and e-comm. 

About Me

Word nerd, curious, tech, helpful, audience-focused.

That’s me. Well, professionally me (and a tad personally). 

For something more detailed, I’m a marketing content copywriter. I’ve worked with some of the top tech companies in Australia and the US, along with some not-for-profit orgs that make the world a better place. Oh and I have a few marketing, business, and communications degrees too. 

In writing I break down concepts and craft it into language users understand and want to read; helping them get their job done or the right purchase made. 

I work full-time with Pan Software in Melbourne, Australia where we build risk management software. I work with other organisations freelance because it’s fun, and I get to play with blog articles and product descriptions. Need some help in those areas? Let’s chat. 

I suppose it’s only fair to add some personal adjectives too: runner, photographer, friend, reader, wannabee polyglot, coffee drinker. 

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I love to collaborate and make awesome content. Let’s talk!

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